The law recognizes that young persons must be dealt with swiftly as well as fairly, and with due appreciation for the natural processes of human maturation. The law recognizes that young people who commit offences deserve a second chance. All of which can make youth justice more technical and procedurally demanding than some other areas of law. And as much as the ‘fresh start’ principle is respected, a youth record can follow a person into adulthood under some circumstances.

Youth justice also sometimes wants to skip ahead to sentencing when the young person should actually be pleading not guilty and having a good old fashioned criminal trial.

Top Legal Expertise To Help Navigate Youth Justice

Ideally, no young person should face the system without an experienced criminal lawyer. Even with the best of intentions vis-a-vis the accused, the youth criminal justice system is still an adversarial process. To get out of it with dignity, reputation and liberty intact, young persons need a lawyer on their side.

“It was very reassuring to have Graham Clark representing my son, especially as we had never previously had any dealings with the court system. He made a stressful and terrifying situation much easier, and the result was highly satisfactory.” – Client

Mr. Clark has worked with young persons for as long as he has practised law. Sometimes extra efforts are required and that is understood. The role of the immediate family can be more important than in other types of cases. There is much at stake in virtually any youth criminal justice matter, and many balances must be struck. An experienced senior criminal defence lawyer may be one of the most important allies that a youthful son or daughter can ever have.

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Graham T. Clark

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Graham T. Clark obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with High Distinction in 1993 at the University of Toronto (International Relations/Political Theory). He then attended Osgoode Hall Law School. Mr. Clark’s practice today is based on rigorous preparation through close working relationships with clients, on a foundation of 20 years of criminal law courtroom experience.

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