The following are comments made by some of Mr. Clark’s clients over the years. For obvious confidentiality reasons, direct attribution would be inappropriate.

  • I thoroughly appreciated Graham’s professionalism and honesty while working with him. I was very “hands-on” when it came to dealing with my family member’s court matter and Graham did everything he could to ensure the integrity of his defence while also listening and using his expertise to advise us on the best way to proceed. Graham got us from point A to point B by thinking out of the box and fighting for us every step of the way. His manner and court room skill is not braggadocios but certainly effective. Thank you Graham!! [2014]
  • Graham saved my life point blank and me and my family will forever be grateful to him. He sat me down spoke in plain English what I was facing and turned every stone with me to make sure I put forward the best case. And even at the last hour when there was 100 stones turned over and we felt we had did all we can Graham’s knowledge of the law found a whole new arena to bring my case in and when I was preparing myself for 2 plus years away from my family, my work and my life. The hours and hours of stone turning paid off and I did not spend one day in jail. [2014]
  • “Graham T. Clark is at the top of his game. Some time ago, I was charged with three criminal traffic offences and was referred to Graham by a former client of his. We met for a consultation and I found Graham to be very forthright and honest. I hired him on the spot. Throughout the preparation and ensuing trial, Graham made himself very accessible to me and was well prepared to answer all my questions. He knew the system very well and was very comfortable in the courtroom setting with his peers. As a result, I got a very positive result and would strongly recommend Graham to anyone that finds themselves in an unfortunate legal predicament.”
  • “Graham Clark is compassionate, open minded and non-judgmental. He is clearly a very experienced, professional and honest lawyer, who is well versed with the court procedures, has extensive knowledge of jurisprudence concerning the Charter of Rights and can decipher inaccurate police evidence. Graham Clark handled my case successfully and kept me informed throughout the process making time to answer any questions. I am very happy to know Graham Clark and strongly recommend his services to anyone should the need arise.”
  • “It was very reassuring to have Graham Clark representing my son, especially as we had never previously had any dealings with the court system. He made a stressful and terrifying situation much easier, and the result was highly satisfactory. “
  • “A Criminal Court is a scary place, at least until you have Mr. Clark arrive to represent you. His strengths are knowledge and confidence. Graham’s personality made me feel at ease in the tense courtroom situation I found myself in. I highly recommend you talk to Graham to find out what he can do for you.”
  • “He’s the best lawyer I’ve ever seen. When every other lawyer said I was screwed and even I thought I was too. He told me to stick to my guns when I was ready to just give up and take what they were offering even though I wasn’t guilty (I just wanted this to be over and I’m terrified of jail) …  After three years of this I was so ready to give up and after yesterday I’m really happy I never did.”
  • “Graham Clark is an excellent lawyer; he is very experienced, extremely capable and has a no-nonsense approach. Graham`s expert defence allowed me to keep my license and my dignity.  I highly recommend Graham Clark.”
  • “Graham is a very qualified and determined lawyer he will fight for you with no prejudice. He is very straight forward and will stand up for you no matter the circumstances, and will only be satisfied when your satisfied”
  • “Graham was professional in that he set expectations on day one at our initial meeting. He guided me re the law, my rights and what a good and fair outcome would be. Graham made sure that I knew where things were in the process and how long the process was going to be. I always knew what my role was. On a number of occasions I had an urgent need to to consult Graham and he made himself available 24-7 for advice and guidance. I felt relieved that he was available at these times. I had a positive outcome and feel that he took good care of my legal rights to a fair and prompt trial.”
  • “You’re a real lawyer – you actually know what’s in those law books…”
  • “I know you put me in the best light possible”
  • “Thank you. I’ve been trying to get a lawyer to do that for me for years.”
  • “Thanks eh. I’ll call you next time”
  • “No, no, no — you are the guy” (response to suggestion that client seek a second opinion)
  • ”He said you are his only real trusted lawyer” (client’s mother)
  • “Its nice to know some lawyers still believe in justice” (random Christmas card)
  • “I’m just calling to say thanks for all the things you did for me for all those years” (random telephone call)

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