Graham T. Clark served his Articles of Clerkship at the Crown Law Office – Criminal, the office that handles most of the serious Criminal Code appeals in Ontario. This involved numerous criminal appeals at the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada. Building on that experience, Mr. Clark has always maintained both an appellate and trial practice.

Appeals and trials seem to be less distinct areas of practice than in the past, perhaps because the litigation of Charter of Rights and other pre-trial issues is now more expansive. This may also be a function of technology now facilitating the higher levels of research, written advocacy and court filings that were once considered peculiar to the appellate realm. Either way, the ability to plead and argue at the levels expected and required by courts of appeal is an invaluable tool in the process of winning serious trials . That said, there is a very specialized set of rules peculiar to the appeal process and it is understandable that many criminal lawyers appear to opt out of appeal work generally.

Mr. Clark has argued complex criminal appeals from early in his career and continues to appear in courts of appeal whenever the client’s needs so dictate, from conviction appeals, to sentence appeals, to securing bail while an appeal is underway (bail pending appeal).

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