The Supreme Court of Canada describes ours as “a liberal and enlightened system of pre-trial release under which an accused must normally be granted bail”. In principle, most accused can and should be released on bail.  In practice, having an experienced lawyer in bail court can make the difference between bail and jail.

Graham T. Clark’s criminal law office works with the client and family and other supporters to create a Release Plan in every case designed to ensure the accused’s release on bail with the least restrictive conditions possible.

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In some cases Mr. Clark can arrange for the client to surrender and be released directly from the police station on the same day by Promise to Appear/Undertaking, with no risk of being denied bail.

Mr. Clark ensures that clients and their supporters know what is expected and what to expect. Witnesses are given the necessary preparation to give effective testimony in support of the Release Plan, as well as necessary notice and preparation about the atmosphere and procedures of bail court which is often crowded and fast moving.

It has been said that the bail hearing is the most important stage of the criminal process. Accused persons who do not get released on bail are more likely to plead guilty, and more likely to be convicted even if they plead not guilty. Mr. Clark is passionate about securing his clients’ release on bail and working closely with any of the client’s family or friends who are able to act as a surety to ensure the proper result. Getting out of jail is the first step in staying out of jail.

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