Upon conviction for Impaired Driving, ‘Over 80’, Care and Control, Refuse Breath Sample or Dangerous Operation, a Judge has no choice but to impose minimum penalties, including mandatory license suspension. A license later reinstated attracts way higher insurance rates. The only way to potentially avoid that is to go to trial.

The government has fine-tuned the Criminal Code to make it easier for police and the Crown to investigate and prosecute these cases. That also applies more and more to cases of impairment by drugs other than alcohol.

“Graham Clark is an excellent lawyer; he is very experienced, extremely capable and has a no-nonsense approach. Graham`s expert defence allowed me to keep my license and my dignity.  I highly recommend Graham Clark.” – Client

The Solution To Your Driving Charges

When legislation is written to make the jobs of police and prosecutors easier, opportunities can also arise for the defence. Statutory timelines, technical specifications of police instruments, on-scene presence or absence of roadside screening devices, etc. may affect the lawfulness of the investigation, the obligation to provide a breath sample, and the admissibility of any samples taken; inadequate caution about the right to counsel or opportunity to exercise it might warrant exclusion of evidence; a full strip-search in a routine case might warrant a stay of proceedings even if the accused ‘blew over’. These are but a few examples of how ‘DUI’ cases can be successfully defended.

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Graham T. Clark obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with High Distinction in 1993 at the University of Toronto (International Relations/Political Theory). He then attended Osgoode Hall Law School. Mr. Clark’s practice today is based on rigorous preparation through close working relationships with clients, on a foundation of 20 years of criminal law courtroom experience.

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