‘Zero-tolerance’ does not comprehend the presumption of innocence. It prevents police and crowns from exercising discretion. It hurts families every day. A neighbour calls police because of some yelling, next thing you know bail conditions prevent parents from talking to each other about their own kids. Family income is devastated by the need to rent a second residence and the police and crown seem hostile to alleged victims who beg hopelessly for a right to have some say in the prosecution that has taken over their lives.

Real domestic violence is a serious problem, but criminal justice can be a brutal cure sometimes worse than the disease. All the more reason to retain an experienced criminal lawyer, because there are solutions.

“Graham is a very qualified and determined lawyer, he will fight for you with no prejudice. He is very straight forward and will stand up for you no matter the circumstances, and will only be satisfied when you’re satisfied” – Client

How We Can Help

For decades Mr. Clark has acted for persons accused of domestic violence, and also for complainants whose voices can be ignored or drowned out by the separate agenda of the police and crown. In this area of criminal law complainants sometimes retain counsel for themselves, not only to ensure their own protection but out of concern for the accused whose presumption of innocence seems to have little practical value  – until an experienced criminal lawyers takes over.

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Graham T. Clark

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Graham T. Clark obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with High Distinction in 1993 at the University of Toronto (International Relations/Political Theory). He then attended Osgoode Hall Law School. Mr. Clark’s practice today is based on rigorous preparation through close working relationships with clients, on a foundation of 20 years of criminal law courtroom experience.

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