An experienced criminal defence lawyer ensures that clients gain a true sense of confidence about how the system works, what can be done, and what will happen in court. Preparation is what gives purpose to the court appearances and control over outcomes.

Each and every case really is different, but the burden of proof is always on the Crown and Mr. Clark is always both sword and shield for the client’s right to life, liberty and security of the person.

How We Get You Prepared

Now what must your lawyer do to get your case to trial? The process that moves a case from charge to trial is reflected in the following list of tasks and services usually required, at a minimum, in the Ontario criminal courts:

  • Attend remand/administrative court appearances;
  • Obtain and review police/crown disclosure materials;
  • Request, obtain and review further/other disclosure materials arising from initial disclosure review;
  • Analysis and advice to and receive instructions from client with respect to known disclosure, witnesses, evidence, etc., and all aspects of the defence as may affect plea, pre-trial and trial motions/applications, trial and/or sentencing issues;
  • Conduct pre-trial discussions with Crown prosecutor as per court protocols/practice directions for date setting, and related preparation;
  • Seek and secure such bail variations on consent as reasonably warranted;
  • Take final instructions with respect to disclosure/evidence, pre-trial and trial motions/applications, plea to be tendered;
  • Legal research with respect to specific issues, preparation of submissions;
  • Conduct witness interviews, prepare examinations of witnesses;
  • Conduct Judicial Pre-trial conferences [“JPT”] as per court protocols/practice direction for date setting, and related preparation;
  • Draft, serve and file pre-trial and trial motions/applications;
  • Secure hearing date for pre-trial motion/application(s), if any, in coordination with Crown and Court schedules;
  • Secure hearing date(s) for trial in coordination with Crown and Court schedules;
  • Prepare client and other defence witnesses, if any, for testimony;
  • Attendance at Court for conduct of Preliminary Inquiry and/or Trial;
  • Attendance at Court for sentencing proceedings, if any.

The criminal law office of Graham T. Clark offers not only the experience and expertise necessary to navigate each step in the process, but also the benefit of relationships and rapports with a diverse range of offices, colleagues and other professionals throughout Ontario, built over years of strictly criminal practice, to make sure things are done fairly and efficiently.

Finding The Solution To Your Charges

Given the broad range of cases Graham T. Clark has handled in the Ontario criminal courts over the years, he has almost certainly defended whatever charge you are facing. That said, the particular offence charged could sometimes have surprisingly little to do with the defence. The facts and evidence matter more.

Whatever the charge, a successful criminal lawyer knows how to listen as well as how to speak, has a solid working relationship with the client and knows the rules of evidence and procedure like riding a bicycle.

“Graham Clark is compassionate, open minded and non-judgmental. He is clearly a very experienced, professional and honest lawyer, who is well versed with the court procedures, has extensive knowledge of jurisprudence concerning the Charter of Rights and can decipher inaccurate police evidence…” – Client

The Best Decision For Your Plea

The phrase “My Clients Plead Not Guilty” was coined well before lawyers had websites. It is more than a slogan. It is default advice rooted in the fundamental principle that in a criminal case the Crown bears the burden of proof at all times – proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Graham T. Clark does more than simply ensure that your instructions about how you wish to plead are voluntary, unequivocal and informed. Counsel’s goal is to make sure that instructions are given with complete confidence that only the client’s best interests are being served, and served in accordance with what really matters to the client – there are always options and they can be tailored to the client’s advantage, from agreements to have charges against a co-accused withdrawn, to the return of seized property, to the terms of a probation order and countless other examples.

It is no secret that Mr. Clark considers it an honour and privilege to make the jobs of police and the crown attorney as difficult as possible. A reputation for putting the crown and police to the full burden of proof makes a lawyer that much more able to negotiate a better outcome.

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Graham T. Clark

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Graham T. Clark obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with High Distinction in 1993 at the University of Toronto (International Relations/Political Theory). He then attended Osgoode Hall Law School. Mr. Clark’s practice today is based on rigorous preparation through close working relationships with clients, on a foundation of 20 years of criminal law courtroom experience.

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