Given the broad range of cases Graham T. Clark has handled in the Ontario criminal courts over the years, he has almost certainly defended whatever charge you are facing. That said, the particular offence charged can sometimes have surprisingly little to do with the defence. The facts and evidence matter more.

Some murder cases can be less complicated than some impaired driving cases, even though the stakes are so very different. The defence in some cases might be based entirely on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or eyewitness identification problems or intoxication issues or other myriad factors unaffected by the particular name of the charge or section number of the Criminal Code or Controlled Drugs and Substances Act  under which the charge was laid.

Whatever the charge, a successful criminal lawyer knows how to listen as well as how to speak, has a solid working relationship with the client and knows the rules of evidence and procedure like riding a bicycle.

Whatever charge you are facing, a free consultation with Mr. Clark is your first step toward your preferred outcome. Be assured that you will be heard and spoken to in a manner that truly assists.

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