BAIL – Adult & Youth Bail Hearings/Reviews, Pending Appeal (Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Canada)

SEX – Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference, Invitation to Touching, ‘Historical’ Allegations, Child Pornography

DRUGS – Trafficking, Possession, Importing (smuggling), Production (grows/labs), Proceeds of Crime

DRIVING – Impaired/‘Over 80’, Refuse Breath Sample, Dangerous Operation, Provincial Offences (Highway Traffic etc.)

ASSAULT –‘Domestic Assault’, Criminal Harassment,  Aggravated Assault/ Bodily Harm/Weapon, Kidnapping/Confinement

HOMICIDE – Murder, Manslaughter, Counselling Murder, Attempted Murder

THEFT/FIREARMS/ROBBERY – Break & Enter, Extortion, Fraud, Forgery, Firearms (Use, Possession, Storage), ‘Guns & Gangs’

CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION – Conspiracy, Money Laundering, Extortion, Search Warrants and Wiretaps

SEARCH WARRANTS AND WIRETAPS – Including Return Of Seized Property, Confidential Informant Issues

CRIMINAL APPEALS – To all levels of Ontario courts and the Supreme Court of Canada; Extraordinary Remedies

YOUTH JUSTICE – All matters proceeding under the Youth Criminal Justice Act

AND ANY CASE INVOLVING the Criminal Code of CanadaControlled Drugs and Substances Act, or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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Editorial Note:

Given the broad range of cases Graham T. Clark has handled through the years, he has almost certainly defended whatever charge you are facing.

That said, the particular offence charged can sometimes have surprisingly little to do with the defence.

The experience and expertise of a criminal lawyer are derived from understanding criminal procedure, forensic analysis, cross-examination and persuasion, the instinctive ability to react to and control a dynamic environment – where cases can be won or lost in a split second based on a single word.

Experience and expertise are in play all the time, whatever the charges may be.