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Counsel Profile

Graham T. Clark has been defending peoples’ liberty in Ontario courtrooms since his first year of law school in 1994. He has been practicing criminal law ever since – exclusively criminal defence law for over 21 years at the bar.

In a “free and democratic” society, criminal lawyers play a crucial role in upholding the rule of law, as the final bulwark against the misuse and abuse of power by officials of the state. But criminal lawyers only perform this service to society as a bi-product of their immediate duty to defend the individual whose freedom is at stake – fearlessly, relentlessly and without judgement. No two cases are the same. No case is “less serious” for the individual who is charged. No case is too big or too strong to defend against.


The Supreme Court of Canada describes ours as “a liberal and enlightened system of pre-trial release under which an accused must normally be granted bail”. In principle, most accused can and should be released on bail. In practice, having an experienced lawyer in bail court can make the difference between bail and jail... 

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An experienced criminal defence lawyer ensures that clients gain a true sense of confidence about how the system works, what can be done, and what will happen in court. The lawyer’s role is to give the client a practical grasp of the situation so that the client can instruct the lawyer with confidence. The lawyer’s job is to give the client a voice where the client would otherwise be ill-equipped to express and defend themselves...

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If you are convicted of driving while Impaired, ‘Over 80’, Refusing Breath Sample or Dangerous Operation, the Judge has no choice but to impose minimum penalties, including a mandatory license suspension. When your license is later reinstated, your insurance rates go off the dial. Your only chance to completely avoid that is to go to trial with an experienced criminal lawyer...

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‘Zero-tolerance’ became the touchstone of Domestic Violence enforcement many years ago, and it now seems to be so with alleged sex crimes. ‘Zero-tolerance’ does not comprehend the presumption of innocence. It prevents police and crowns from exercising discretion to weed out bad cases...

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If you have been searched or had property seized by police or other state agents, you may have been the victim of illegal conduct and that may be evidence that a Judge will allow the Crown to use against you. Sections 8, 9, 10 and 24 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms may provide you with a complete defence...

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Clients Say…

Graham is a very qualified and determined lawyer he will fight for you with no prejudice. He is very straight forward and will stand up for you no matter the circumstances, and will only be satisfied when your satisfied.

He’s the best lawyer I’ve ever seen. When every other lawyer said I was screwed and even I thought I was too. He told me to stick to my guns when I was ready to just give up and take what they were offering even though I wasn’t guilty (I just wanted this to be over and I’m terrified of jail) … After three years of this I was so ready to give up and after yesterday I’m really happy I never did.

A Criminal Court is a scary place, at least until you have Mr. Clark arrive to represent you. His strengths are knowledge and confidence. Graham’s personality made me feel at ease in the tense courtroom situation I found myself in. I highly recommend you talk to Graham to find out what he can do for you.

It was very reassuring to have Graham Clark representing my son, especially as we had never previously had any dealings with the court system. He made a stressful and terrifying situation much easier, and the result was highly satisfactory.

Graham Clark is an excellent lawyer; he is very experienced, extremely capable and has a no-nonsense approach. Graham`s expert defence allowed me to keep my license and my dignity. I highly recommend Graham Clark.

Graham saved my life point blank and me and my family will forever be grateful to him. He sat me down spoke in plain English what I was facing and turned every stone with me to make sure I put forward the best case. And even at the last hour when there was 100 stones turned over and we felt we had did all we can Graham’s knowledge of the law found a whole new arena to bring my case in and when I was preparing myself for 2 plus years away from my family, my work and my life. The hours and hours of stone turning paid off and I did not spend one day in jail.



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