EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE  Strictly criminal practice – bail, trials and appeals – since 1998.

COMMUNICATION  Client and counsel both win through clear mutual understanding.

COMPASSION  Good counsel also defends clients against stress and uncertainty.

VALUE  Fees are guaranteed competitive based on experience and expertise.

Graham T. Clark, Barrister & Solicitor

Located in North Bay, serving most of Northern Ontario, Mr. Clark has represented clients in a complete range of serious criminal cases, including:

  • BAIL – Adult & Youth bail hearings and reviews, bail pending appeal    
  • SEX – Sexual Assault, Interference/Touching/‘Historicals’, Child Pornography 
  • DRUGS – Trafficking, Possession for the Purpose, Importing, Production, Conspiracy 
  • DRIVING – Impaired/‘Over 80’/Refuse, Dangerous/Careless, Arbitrary police stops
  • ASSAULT – ‘Domestics’, Criminal Harassment, Aggravated  Assault/Causing Bodily Harm, Kidnapping/Confinement        
  • CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION – Money Laundering, Extortion, ‘Guns and Gangs’, Conspiracy, etc.
  • HOMICIDE – Murder, Attempt Murder, Manslaughter, Counselling [Self Defence, Provocation, Intoxication, Not Criminally Responsible (“NCR”)]
  • THEFT/WEAPONS/ROBBERY – Break & Enter, Theft with Violence, Firearms, Prohibited Weapons, Fraud, Uttering Forged Documents//Forgery
  • CRIMINAL APPEALS – Extraordinary Remedies (Certiorari, etc)